Walking in the Chilterns from Chesham

Walkers are Welcome - Chesham, a town in Buckinghamshire where quite often, tourists flock to soak in the atmosphere, culture and beauty provided by the wonderful and diverse local community. If you're planning on doing some walking during your trip to Chesham, make sure you fuel up first. Luckily, there are quite a number of places where you can chow down in Chesham. Just remember that prior to venturing out on your trip, you should always check for the latest road closures and routes for walking, just to be sure. If you would like to undertake some local walking, you will be delighted to learn that Chesham offers a wide range of opportunities for those walking enthusiasts looking for something new. Especially when you need something to eat after your walk!

Into The Countryside

CEscape from the city and walk into a historical landscape that has been shaped for centuries by the timelessness of the history of England and its people. Step through quaint winding lanes and then hike alongside stately trees that tower above the path, as you listen to the noise of bird song and the nickering of the horses. Beautiful, small rivers twist through the valley of little and beautiful River of Chess. As the Chess Valley Walk which stretches about 18 km – is a great linear walk with its station-to-station path touching the villages of Latimer, Chenies (and Chenies Manor), and Sarratt; you can't look past the Chess Valley Walk. The most valuable thing about the Chess Valley Walk is that it offers a lot of beautiful landscapes which are full of wildlife. Look out for dragonflies, grey heron, kingfishers, and water voles on the different tributaries of the Chess River, as you walk towards a watermill in Sarratt. This walk is perfect for those people who have a thing for beauty and history. Just keep in mind that as it is a public footpath, make sure you stick to the described route so that you do not cause any damage to the natural habitat.

Dive Into The History

For those interested in culture, there is the Chesham Museum situated right on the market square. The museum hosts paintings and memorabilia that give a glimpse into the history of Chesham and his small but interesting individuals.

Explore The Castle

Just five miles away from Chesham lie the ruins of Berkhamsted Castle, a mighty Norman fortress and a historically important power hub. In the area surrounding Berkhamsted, kings have fought over it; it was a jewel in the crown of both Saxon and Norman England; it provides an insight into what the sky would have looked like to the Lister family. It blew the Listers' minds!

The National Trust's Ashridge Estate

Indulge yourself in one of the best countrysides the United Kingdom has to offer. There are interesting and varied rolling hills that you have to traverse as you pass through the relatively small area which is called Chiltern area in Buckinghamshire County. Besides, there are also a great number of picturesque villages to explore if you are interested. With 5,000 acres, this National Trust property is for those walkers who are looking for a quality experience that can stand up against other National Trust properties. The Stanmore Country Park lies within the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire border.

If you are looking for some interesting walking trails, with lots of history to be explored, you could go for a delicious walk along the Chess Valley walk, perhaps go for a short walk along the footpath at Stanmore Park, or maybe go look for the remains of the castle at Berkhamsted.
Image of Church St. Chesham used with creative commons license

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