3 Ideas for the Perfect Block Driveway

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Deciding on installing a new driveway for your home is a big thing. The style and design that you select will be the first thing that people see on approaching your home and so gives away a little bit about who you are. Choosing just the right one for you can be confusing since there are so many different styles available.

There are a huge variety of colours, shapes and patterns that are on offer, and all can come at varying costs, so it is important to not only consider what you would like but also to set a budget for doing so. In this article, we are going to show you some of our favourite block paving designs, all of which are guaranteed to give your home a good first impression and the curb appeal that it deserves.

Irregular sizes and shapes

How about considering a driveway that is a little quirky and unique?
By using a variety of shapes, sizes and perhaps even colours of stones, you can create an individual patter that no one else will have. This style has become particularly popular in recent times and is does not look set to be going out of fashion anytime soon.

Bordered driveway

A bordered driveway consists of a main colour of stone for the majority of the drive which is complimented by a slightly darker block around the edge. This is a classic design which never ebbs in popularity. This is a wonderful choice for those who are looking for something structured and symmetrical. It will perfectly compliment a more symmetrical looking home, making for a clean, modern and neat appearance.

Alternate the colours

One way of creating a truly contemporary block driveway is design is to alternate the colours of the blocks. You may choose to just use two colours or if you are feeling a little more adventurous you might select three or four. Alternations can be rigid with a set pattern or could be a little more random. Either way, a style like this is guaranteed to give a modern and stylish look to any home.

What is best for you?

There are a huge array of options when it comes to selecting a design for your new block driveway and it is a decision which should be given a good amount of thought. These designs that we have suggested could certainly give your driveway a great new look!

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