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Patios & Paving

Mammoth Services – Accredited Patio and Paving Installation Specialists, Amersham

As an accredited enhanced patio specialist, our natural stone patios and paved areas are one of our most popular services. Meticulous foundation preparation, premium grade paving and attention to detail, ensures stunning paving projects that will last for many years to come.

We are skilled in designing, preparing and laying all varieties of beautiful, natural stone paving, including Sandstone, Limestone, Porcelain, Slate, Granite and Marble. We also create everything you need for a spectacular outdoor space, from matching tiered garden walls and retaining walls to natural stone steps and pillars.

Whether traditional or new-build, we ensure our stonework blends seamlessly with your existing masonry, giving a lovely flow and finish.

Sandstone Patios and Paving.

Sandstone paving flags and stones are one of our customers’ best loved choices for patios, pathways and entrances. Available in a palette of soft natural tones and textures, Sandstone has the look and feel of time worn York stone but at a much more affordable price.

We install all styles of Sandstone paving, from classic, riven finished sandstone with hand fettled edges, through to Indian sandstone, which comes in three colours, buff, light brown and silver grey – perfect for adding character to old and new settings.

As an accredited patio installation specialist, our skilled pavers can lay every formation, from statement super-size paving slabs through to mosaic patterns and paving circle features.

Limestone Patios and Paving.

Our natural limestone garden paving is a popular choice for patios, walk ways, courtyards and outdoor steps. Its natural stone appearance complements all ages of property and comes in two distinctive colour sets, charcoal grey and warm ochre yellow.

Like sandstone, limestone paving is extremely hard wearing, retaining its durability and looks for decades. Our knowledgeable pavers have huge experience of installing limestone patios and driveways throughout Amersham, Chesham and the south Bucks area.

Additionally, as a recognised, endorsed patio specialist, our hardscaping work is regularly assessed and backed by a 10-year guarantee. For a free, no obligation estimate, contact us today.

Porcelain Patios and Paving.

Porcelain paving stones, also known as ceramic and vitrified paving slabs, are big in landscaping and gardening right now. Outdoor porcelain has many benefits, including its strong, non-scratch surface, 100% protection against frost and extra long-life span.

They are also mould and slip resistant, making them ideal for paving patios, steps and balconies, and around water edges such as ponds, spas and swimming pools. We’ve been installing cutting-edge porcelain and ceramic tiles since they emerged.

The beauty of porcelain paving is its straight, sharp edges, which require minimal jointing, creating a seamless, slim profile. They also come in a vast selection of designs, including stone, concrete and wood effect porcelain tiles. To find out more or arrange a free estimate talk to our Amersham porcelain patio specialists today.

Slate Patios and Paving.

Real slate paving is durable, natural and stylish, making it the perfect covering for patio areas, outdoor dining areas and pathways. Ranging from jet black to silver grey, the dark tone looks striking against green grass and plant foliage.

Our certified patio installers are skilled in laying all sizes and patterns of slate paving for residential and corporate environments, including extra-large slate slabs for contemporary outdoor styling, random pattern formats for a timeless look and pristine slate circles to pitch a garden table and chairs.

Our Amersham slate paving specialists have over 15 years’ experience and are Marshall’s registered landscapers and patio installers, guaranteeing you high standard of workmanship throughout. As well as suggesting creative layouts, we can work with you to craft a bespoke paving design, incorporating beds and borders, for a stunning landscaped finish.

Granite Patios and Paving.

If you’re seeking outdoor paving that won’t show signs of wear and tear, regardless of how much walking, playing and traffic its subjected to, granite paving is for you.

Granite paving stones are the toughest around, lasting for many decades without degrading. A natural stone product, they blend beautifully with natural surroundings, making them ideal for patios, pathways and courtyards. Although granite conjures images of grey paving, our premium granite pavers also come in warm amber and light silver grey, giving a fresh, modern aesthetic to your outdoor space.

Whether you want a patio laid with contemporary linear planks, or a classic pattern formation, our experienced hardscapers can design and install your granite paving to any layout.

Marble Patios and Paving.

For a touch of luxury, there is nothing quite like a marble patio, walkway or poolside. We use finest qrade marble paving with subtle veining and white mottling to create elegant patios and outdoor spaces. Marble’s surface reflects light, opening the space, and, despite its delicate appearance, is incredibly hardwearing.

Choose from timeless soft white marble paving, which make buildings and other features stand out, through to shades of mottled grey. Mammoth’s team of accredited patio installers are skilled in laying all sizes and formations of marble paving flags.

We can work collaboratively with your landscape designer or develop a bespoke design of your outdoor space, incorporating and developing all hardscaping elements, such as stone walls, pathways and water features and fountains.

Jet Washing Patios and Paving.

Over time patios, paving and driveway flags can lose their lustre. As dirt builds up and mould and algae invade, paving becomes duller and the surface becomes slippier. We provide professional patio jet washing services across the Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield and the wider Buckinghamshire area. Using professional high-pressure jet washing equipment, we blast all the dirt and detritus away, revealing sparkling clean, just-like-new paving slabs and grouting. Its also effective for removing years of dirt and staining from driveways and decking. Power washing can reveal problems, such as worn or crumbling patio jointing. Our expert patio installers can also undertake all patio and driveway repairs, such as re-jointing. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

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