Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

Fully Certified and Insured Tree Surgery and Tree Surgeons, Amersham

Mammoth Services are a highly skilled, friendly Amersham tree surgery team conducting all types of tree care for homes and businesses across Amersham, Chesham and surrounding areas.

Whether you need an unruly Leylandii cutting back to size or regular hedge cutting to keep your property looking pristine, we have the experience and equipment to meet all your tree cutting and maintenance requirements.

Professional, Experienced Amersham Tree Surgeons and Arborists

We have over 15 years’ experience of felling, cutting and pruning all types and heights of trees and hedges. We are NPTC certified, fully insured with an exceptional head for heights.

Stump Removal and Grinding

Removing tree stumps prevents pesky suckers – new shoots – appearing, rotting and means the ground can be re-turfed or re-planted, creating extra garden space.

Whether you want an old tree stump removed or one that’s recently been cut down, our team of NPTC qualified tree fellers can remove all tree stumps, quickly and efficiently.

Using specialist machinery, we can grind stumps to a depth of 600mm, removing the stump and much of the root system, leaving the space clean, tidy and ready to re-purpose. Plus, you can have as much sawdust as you like for mulch!

Tree Pruning and Branch Removal

Dead, damaged and diseased tree branches ruin a tree’s appearance and pose a health and safety risk, as affected limbs can fall at any time. We selectively prune out damaged and broken branches, restoring the tree’s shape and health.

If you suspect disease, we can identify the type and extent of infection and develop a suitable action plan to cut down or reduce the tree. Cutting trees isn’t always about restricting growth, if you have a much-loved tree you want to grow, regular pruning helps improve airflow around the leaves promoting fresh bushy growth and higher yields of buds, blossoms and fruit.

Hedge Trimming and Hedge Removal

Our Amersham hedge cutting team can trim and shape your hedges and shrubs to any size or shape. We’ve huge experience of cutting and maintaining all size of formal and feature hedges, from super high conifer hedges to low box hedging. Hedges look best when compact and dense with new growth. We can develop a convenient, cost-effective cutting schedule to keep them in tip-top condition.

We also specialise in hedge removal and use heavy-duty equipment to take out entire hedges and root systems. Hedgerows are a natural boundary which attracts birds and wildlife, if you want to replace a tired hedge or plant a new hedge, we can also source and put in the perfect hedging plants.

Tree Felling

No matter how high or wide the tree, our tree felling specialists can swiftly and safely bring the tree down to stump height, either in one piece or cutting into manageable sections. We undertake a range of tree felling services for domestic and commercial customers throughout Bucks including Amersham, Chesham, Beaconsfield, the Chalfonts and High Wycombe.

Mammoth’s team of NPTC accredited, insured tree fellers are equipped to fell trees at height and in complex settings close to homes and neighbouring properties. We can advise how to manage trees close to your home or business.

Tree Crown Thinning

If you’re keen to keep the height of your trees but want to make them safer and let more light into your home or office, then our crown thinning service is just the ticket.

Here we reduce the density of branches throughout the main spread of the tree, reducing the tree’s weight, increasing its wind resistance – so branches are less likely to break and fall – and allowing light to filter through its branches.

No matter how mature the tree or how tricky the tree’s location, we can reduce its density, leaving you with the height and coverage you want, minus the headaches associated with having large trees nearby.

Tree Crown Lifting

Our professional tree crown lifting service allows you to enjoy the height and shade of trees but makes the space underneath accessible. We carefully remove the trees lower limbs and branches, leaving the canopy intact.

For homeowners, opening up the area under the tree makes it easier to mow and creates additional space for planting and landscaping. Homeowners also love the extra light that floods into the home and garden.

Our crown lifting is also regularly used by commercial business owners and grounds maintenance managers to keep the trees’ aesthetic while allowing cars and people to move freely and safely underneath

Tree Crown Deadwooding

Over time tree branches naturally decay and die off. Whether it’s a tree in your garden, on company grounds or in a public area, it’s important to remove the dying and dead branches early to reduce the risk of falling branches.

Our skilled arborists can assess and cut out any deadwood throughout the crown, reducing risk of accidents. We have the skills and machinery – from large scale cutting equipment to specialist spider cherry pickers – to tackle all size trees on all types of domestic and commercial sites. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate.

Tree Crown Reduction

If encroaching trees are throwing serious shade on your home and garden and that of your neighbours but you don’t want to cut them down completely, you need our professional tree crown reduction service.

Our team of certified tree arborists carefully remove the ends on all the outermost branches, reducing the overall height and width of the tree. You retain your green surroundings while benefitting from more light and improved neighbour relations.

We reduce tree crowns safely and effectively throughout Amersham, Chesham, the Chalfonts, High Wycombe and the rest of the Chilterns area – please get in touch to arrange a free tree inspection and estimate.

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