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Looking for reputable, reliable Berkhamsted garden landscapers or trees surgeons? We’re Mammoth Services, a leading certified provider of quality landscaping, garden building and tree surgery services.

Our highly trained team of landscapers, pavers and NPTC awarded tree surgeons can help plan and build your dream outdoor space. Whether you want a stunning split-level patio, a fantastic looking new driveway or topiary whipping into shape – such as tall and overhanging trees – we can deliver all your landscaping needs, professionally and affordably.

Extensive Hard and Soft Landscaping Services

Tree Surgery

Cutting down, thinning out, felling or stump grinding trees, our professional arborists can handle all your tree care requests, quickly and safely.

Outdoor Buildings

We carry out all types of outdoor and garden building construction work, from putting together sheds and summer houses to building bases and assembling garden cabins and offices.

New Driveways

As a Marshall’s approved driveway installer, we design and lay all types of driveway including block paving, gravel, tarmac and permeable resin bound driveways.

Fencing and Gates

From installing fresh fence panels and posts to metal and PVC covered chain link fencing, our contractors fit all types of domestic and commercial fencing.

Garden Landscaping

Whether you want steps installed or a rundown lawn returfed, our experienced landscapers will have your garden looking its best in no time.

Patios and Paving

Our patio specialists install a huge variety of patio designs in a huge array of materials, from traditional cobblestone sets to smooth sandstone, along with pristine patio walling, edging and steps.

Experienced, Marshalls Approved Berkhamsted Landscaping and Driveway Specialists.

We’ve been delivering meticulous landscaping and hardscaping projects across Buckinghamshire for over 15 years. We’re also proud to hold a host of external commendations, including:

Marshalls Accredited Landscape Contractor – Mammoth are one of only a handful of registered and inspected landscapers in Buckinghamshire. As well as building to strict installation standards, we offer 5-year workmanship and 10-year hardscape materials guarantees.

Best Practice Landscaping and Paving – Our team undertake regular top up training in latest best practice landscaping and paving installation techniques, ensuring an exemplary build.

NPTC Certified Tree Surgeons – Our tree surgeons are NPTC qualified and experienced in safely cutting back, pruning and dismantling all size of trees and hedges.

Whether you want a new paved patio or complete ground clearance and makeover, we undertake all size Berkhamsted landscaping schemes.

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Landscaping and Building Services in Berkhamsted.

Tree Surgery

Managing the trees on your property in Berkhamsted can be far more challenging than a lot of people expect. As these large plants continue, it will be crucial that they are cut back and kept under control, or you could easily find yourself with branches falling and your trees getting too large for their own good.

To solve this problem, our tree surgeons are expertly trained and certified to trim trees safely. Alongside this, they can also cut trees down, remove stumps, and help to thin out the trees you have on your property to stop them from being too shady.

Trying to handle this work for yourself can be a risky game. Trees often don’t come apart as you’d expect them to, and it takes a lot of experience to be able to remove branches and cut down trees without damaging the property surrounding them.

Soft Landscaping

Quality landscaping work can often be the missing piece in a modern garden. The first part of the garden to focus on will be the lawn as grass which is in poor condition will always make the rest of the space look bad. Our expert team can handle lawn renovations and construction, including the use of fake grass to make managing your space all the easier.

Alongside helping you with your lawn, our team can also provide support when it comes to planting and training. Adding new plants to your garden, whether they are young or mature, will always be a challenge. Understanding the perfect conditions for your plants will be a big part of this, and it makes sense to have someone knowledgeable to help you through the process.

Our soft landscaping services can easily transform your garden into something far better.


Your driveaway is a crucial part of your Berkhamsted home, providing you with parking spaces and ensuring that your home doesn’t open right onto a road. Keeping your driveway clean can be difficult, though, and this is why we offer driveway renovation and cleaning services.

Of course, though, you won’t need to start cleaning your driveway until you have one installed. We offer pattern imprinted concrete, block paving, tarmac, gravel, and resin bonded driveways, all of which will have their own unique charm.

To make your driveway more accessible from the road, we can help you to have the curb lowered in front of your home. You will usually need to get permission to do this, but we can help you through the process, giving you the chance to sit back and relax.

Hard Landscapes

Hard landscaping is different to the soft kind, focusing on the less natural aspects of your outdoor space than its counterpart. Patios and paving fall into this category, and we offer a huge range of different finishes for this part of your home. This can make your garden into a great social space, while also taking away some of the maintenance which comes with a lawn.

Our expert team can also install gates, fences, and decking in your Berkhamsted garden, using skilled carpentry to give your space a natural feel while also providing you with privacy. Like our other services, we’ve worked hard to provide you with a variety of options with your hard landscapes.

Putting up fences and laying decking can be incredibly challenging and time consuming. It’s always worth having an expert to help with work like this, even if you think you can handle it for yourself. There are few things worse than starting a project like this and realising that you’re going to need some support halfway through.

Building Services

Having small buildings in your garden can be a nice way to break up the space and give you more utility from your outdoor areas. Whether you want a shed, gazebo, or anything else in your garden, our expert team can build it for you, using both wood and bricks to get the job done.

Along with small buildings, our skilled construction team can also work on garden brickwork and masonry. Walls, raised flower beds, and a wealth of other features can be built like this, and bricks are long-lasting enough for you to enjoy your new features going into the future.

With all of the equipment required to conduct surveys and perform groundwork, our construction team is able to handle a huge range of different outdoor jobs in Berkhamsted. Whether you want your garden completely uprooted or simply want a pond to be dug, we can handle this job for you, taking all the stress out of it.

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