Billings Bunker

For Professional Putting Greens

Our best-selling artificial putting green grass is a favourite with golf and putting green players.
Supremely smooth and with desirable stimp rating of 10-11, it is ideal for creating a realistic putting green at home.
As well as soft underfoot, Billings Bunker is weatherproof, low-maintenance (no feeding, mowing, rolling needed here!) and stays a true vibrant green all year round.

  • Classic ‘putting green’ green
  • Professional tournament quality Nylon yarn
  • Neat, freshly cut appearance
  • Pile height 14mm
  • No sand infill needed
  • Weight 2.8 kg per square metre
  • 10-year guarantee


Warning: Our Billings Bunker looks just like real grass, so be prepared for ‘turf touchers’!

£37.99 m2

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